Shadow Of The Erdtree Tips, Dawntrail Help, And More

A man with two swords stands before a forested fantasy vista with a large building and flying creatures.

Image: Square Enix

With the release of Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion, Dawntrail, many new players are sure to be interested in joining Square Enix’s long running MMORPG. But this curiosity may turn to confusion when trying to decide between the extremely generous, no-cost Free Trial and the paid Starter Edition, which will run you $20. The Free Trial and Starter Edition of FF14 are two different products with several distinctions. And while the Starter Edition is the full version of the game with zero restrictions, there is one major drawback to purchasing it: The Starter Edition requires a subscription to play after 30 days. Notably, the Free Trial does not. – Simon Mackinley Estey Read More

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