Readers sound off on Biden’s foreign policy, mayoral appointments and the City of Yes


Biden’s values are betrayed by his warmongering

Kearny, N.J.: President Biden has gotten the world war he seems to have been craving since he got burned by his entirely correct decision to get us out of Afghanistan after 20 long years. Just like he’d have us believe he did with Corn Pop decades ago, Joey was determined to prove himself tougher than the “bad dudes” he was facing off against.

Only it’s not him standing up and doing the fighting now, it’s innocent men and women in Ukraine, Russia, Gaza and Israel, with tens of thousands dead and countries destroyed. Biden straight up provoked Vladimir Putin into invading Ukraine by dangling NATO membership in front of Volodymyr Zelenskyy. And he has backed just about everything Benjamin Netanyahu has done in Gaza since Oct. 7, even continuing the flow of weapons after the IDF’s attacks on civilians, hospitals and foreign aid workers and vetoing UN resolutions calling for a ceasefire.

And not a peep out of him when Israel attacked an Iranian diplomatic compound in Syria (which is an attack on both those countries), bringing us to the edge of a greater conflagration.

Using the people of Ukraine to stick it to Putin, giving cover to Netanyahu while he massacres Palestinians in a turkey shoot, and lobbing missiles at the groups who try to strike back at Israel in support of their co-religionists doesn’t make you tough, Joey — it makes you a punk. John Woodmaska

Trial silence

North Haven, Conn.: I have been a Daily News reader for more than 50 years and enjoyed the years before you became lapdogs for the Democratic Party. I read my June 7 copy in anticipation of how you would skirt reporting on the Hunter Biden trial. You did it! Not one word about the trial. Perhaps if Hunter’s last name was switched to Trump, you would print a full-blown exposé, and former legitimate reporters like S.E. Cupp, Mike Lupica, etc. could add their biased and always arrogant two cents. The Daily News and many others censored knowledge of the Hunter Biden laptop so that his father could win the 2020 election. It has been almost four years of embarrassing incompetence. And Donald Trump is the threat to democracy? Wayne S. Nuhn

Funding fantasies

North Bergen, N.J.: Trump proposes to identify and deport upwards of 11 million undocumented illegal immigrants and to build holding camps to contain them while awaiting deportation. A project that large would cost billions, or more likely, hundreds of billions of dollars. Since Trump promises to cut taxes, just where does he expect to get the money to pay for his proposed projects? It’s time we realize that rather than being a financial genius, he’s a very skillful liar. Irving A. Gelb

Celebrity precedent

Albany: A recent Daily News editorial (“Crime and punishment,” June 3) said, among other things, that “we are not defenders of Trump by any means, but we do defend consistency in the rule of law.” Izzatso? Let’s see, Martha Stewart got five months in prison for four guilty counts. So “consistency in the rule of law” would say Trump should get 42.5 months. Wouldn’t that be consistent, Daily News? Jerry Boehm

Dishonorable dirtbag

Clifton Park, N.J.: To Voicer Bill Barrett: No, there is probably no tape of DJT’s horrible remarks about “suckers and losers,” but as a former Marine, I would think that confirmation of these thoughts by your former boss, Gen. John Kelly, would be good enough. Gen. Mark Milley has recounted the fact that DJT did not want to be around disabled veterans. And unless you lived in a cave, I assume you’re aware of his putdown of POW John McCain and disparagement of Gold Star parents. And remember when he couldn’t visit a veterans’ cemetery because it was raining, despite the fact that other world leaders and generals, including your former boss, made the trip? The sorry part is that I am sure you will still vote for your cult leader. Semper Fi! John Landers

Serial ranter

Bronx: To Voicer David DiBello: The old man yelling while hopped up on Adderall is your boy Trump. W. Twirley

Justice served

Sydney, Australia: Your editorial “Bye-bye Bannon” (June 7) is spot-on. As Trump “strategist” (read: fellow con man), the bombastic bastard was conducting himself with the arrogance of someone who believed he was untouchable by the law of the land. Now the long arm of the law has reached him and dumped him in jail. That is indeed the appropriate residence for him. He might get an opportunity to reflect on his wayward ways, but I doubt that. He is like a dog’s tail. It can not be straightened out! Rajend Naidu

Syntax slip

Manhattan: Voicer Maria Saporito is “glad I’m not the only one who corrects people’s grammar” because it makes her crazy. What makes her crazy, correcting people’s grammar or not being the only one who does it? Or perhaps poor grammar itself? I think Saporito needs to brush up on her English syntax. I do not know what she meant. I wonder if I’m the only Voicer who noticed that and wrote to The News. Steven Fromewick

Precision alternative

Bronx: If the MTA were to give drivers a choice, they could’ve sold this idea much easier. Why didn’t the MTA try the even and odd number rule? One week, drivers with even license plates can enter Manhattan, the next week it is the odd numbers’ turn, and do the same with plates with letters. If I decide to drive into Manhattan and my license plate is a no-no, I should pay a congestion fee no matter which bridge or tunnel I enter from. Delivery trucks will arrange to make deliveries on the week corresponding to their license plate. The congestion fee can be raised to $50. But the MTA tried a big net to get all the fishes, and they came up with an empty one. Virgilio Carballo

Stop loss

Hartsdale, N.Y.: When the MTA admits to losing $700 million a year from fare-beaters, and cars with obscured and damaged plates steal tolls, I think I see a way for them to more than recoup the projected income from congestion pricing. Lydia A. Ruth-Gaines

Mayoral responsibility

Brooklyn: The City Council’s effort to, in effect, decapitate the office of the mayor by requiring Council approval of 20 agency heads is probably the most dangerous move ever taken by the Council. Besides creating havoc with the ability of City Hall to recruit new commissioners by not allowing it to give someone a firm commitment, it also relieves the mayor of all responsibility for the conduct of a particular agency. There is no upside to this proposal except to increase the power of the City Council at the expense of the mayor. Robert Mascali

Shared power

Yonkers: The City Council, unlike the state and federal legislatures, is unicameral. However, the state Legislature and Congress both have advise-and-consent power over appointments. The City Council is not trying to usurp power from the mayor, it is trying to gain power that it was never allotted, but should have been. The attempt to appoint Randy Mastro illuminated this point. Thomas Schechter

Density disaster

Fresh Meadows: Re “In the zone” (editorial, June 6): Are you kidding? Your editorial is actually encouraging the City Council to vote yes to the City of Yes. This will rezone all of our communities and eliminate one- and two-family homes to be replaced by larger multiple dwellings and commercial establishments. No arrangements have been made for car parking and updating infrastructure like water, sewage and sanitation. Gone will be our tree-lined streets. The new multiple dwellings will not be low-income housing but market-rate rentals. Schools will be overcrowded with no plans to build more schools. The only ones who will be profitably affected are the developers, and who is sponsoring them? Who writes your editorials? They don’t represent the NYC citizens who will be affected by this disastrous plan. Stella Grillo

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