Business North Carolina wins national awards


Business North Carolina received two national awards last week at the Alliance of Area Business Publishers annual conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The first award was in the Best Feature category for a profile of Raleigh radio magnate Don Curtis written by Edward Martin.

The judges wrote, “Amid a fast-paced media world, this story tells the tale of the power of radio – especially the sort that drivers dial into from the cabs of tractors in North Carolina farm fields or from gridlock on the Interstate. An array of reported details add depth to the story of radio mogul Don Curtis. It manages to be engaging and educational, weaving the history of the AM radio world with Curtis’ untraditional beginnings in it.”

The second award was in the Best Website category. The judges wrote, “The site offers a clean, simple and streamlined web experience, with intuitive navigation to help even novice visitors find what they need. The branding for the publication is clear but not overbearing, and it unobtrusively invites users to further explore the publication’s content via myriad newsletters or the podcast, offered conveniently in the in-browser player.”

The national trade group recognized Martin, who died last month at the age of 80, for his contributions to business journalism, before awarding the Best Body of Work winners. Martin won that category a record 12 times.

We’re proud of our national showing, and we hope it shows our constant effort to produce quality content.

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