Boom Supersonic hosts Ribbon Cutting


GREENSBORO, N.C. — From first in flight to first in supersonic flight, North Carolina’s leadership in the aerospace field is making its booming power known in a super way.

What You Need To Know

  • Boom Supersonic held its ribbon cutting at its Overture Superfactory Monday
  • The supersonic jets will cut travel time in half, expanding global business growth and more time with families
  • The company is set to bring in  over $32.2 billion to the state over 20 years and thousands of jobs
  • The jets are set to take flight in around three years

On Monday, Boom Supersonic’s Overture Superfactory held its ribbon cutting on PTI Regional Airport’s campus. 

Ribbon cutting at Boom Supersonic's Overture Superfactory.

Ribbon cutting at Boom Supersonic’s Overture Superfactory. (Spectrum News 1/Sydney McCoy)

“What we’re building here in Greensboro has significance. Well, outside of the Triad what we’re doing here will have an impact nationally, now even globally,” CEO and Founder of Boom Supersonic Blake Scholl said. 

Boom Supersonic is the first supersonic jet plant in the U.S., bringing a huge manufacturing giant to the states.

“The supersonic airliners we are building here in Greensboro will be delivered to airlines on six continents, ensuring the future of American leadership in aerospace manufacturing. The Overture Superfactory behind me is designed to produce 33 Overture Supersonic Airliners, and we plan to build two, maybe three, of these factories here on our campus in Greensboro. That’s up to a hundred state of the art supersonic airliners taking flight from Greensboro every year,” Scholl said. 

During the ribbon cutting, it was announced the production of the jets will bring in over 2,400 jobs through 2032 and over $32.2 billion to the state’s economy over the next 20 years. 

“We’re talking about new jobs, new investments that are benefiting our state and benefit the people across all of the communities. We’re seeing success because we are building North Carolina’s future with interest rates of the future,” N.C. Secretary of Commerce Machelle Baker Sanders said. 

The Tar Heel State was picked for the site due to its manufacturing history, universities and the talented workforce that resides within the state. 

“North Carolina’s businesses are diverse, equitable and inclusive. Our workforce and our economy is not only stronger, it is competitive in today’s business world. We know that North Carolina must be first in talent, not just first in flight,” Sanders said.

This is only the newest addition of tech manufacturing companies making their mark in the Triad, but the first to promise travel times cut in half with flights such as New York to London in less than four hours. 

“Think of those children who will grow up with their parents at home because the supersonic flight brought mom home from her meeting and time to make dinner. That is the future we are building of faster, sustainable, supersonic flight,” Scholl said. 

Not only would it allow for quicker business travel, it could help strengthen global business deals and expand the cultural footprint in our schools and community, which Scholl says will be at a business class ticket price. 

A model of a Boom Supersonic Overture jet.

A model of a Boom Supersonic Overture jet. (Spectrum News 1/Sydney McCoy)

“When you look at our tourism economy in North Carolina, being able to get here a lot faster from all over the world will help grow that economy. But it will also help with the education of children with cultural exchange that I think will help us all be able to get along better and also allow us to grow our economy in a way that I think is going to be extraordinary and unprecedented with this factory opening and the livelihoods of people watching at home,” Gov. Roy Cooper said. 

Scholl says he dreams of seeing a family road trip turn into a family flight, visiting Asia or Africa for a weekend trip, while focusing on clean energy. 

“One of the great things about North Carolina’s economic development is that we have a coordinated effort with our local government, our local economic development, with our economic development partnership of North Carolina and our state Commerce Department and my office. We understand what the goal is,” Cooper said. 

The jets are selling at $200 million a pop, with around 100 jets ordered or preordered through airlines like United or American. 

Within the next six to 12 months, the company will begin test manufacturing with the first jet flying out in around three years with safety as the top priority. 

“Our ultimate goal is supersonic flight for every passenger on every route. And when we achieve that, well, not something that’s just great for passengers around the world but one of the most important and valuable companies on the planet,” Scholl said. 

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