Best LLC Services in North Carolina (2024 Rankings)

Compared to other companies on this list, Bizee offers the most cost-effective option. Despite this, it has various features to assist with organizing your business and maintaining its good standing. You can even get support for filing your state and federal taxes.

Bizee’s services begin with tailored form support, which is invaluable for businesses in North Carolina. This includes articles of amendment, LLC operating agreements, LLC name changes and licenses. Of course, this starts with simple business formation services, handled in an easy-to-use format. You can also pay an extra $50 if you wish to pursue expedited filing. 

Bizee is incredibly beneficial for companies in need of registered agent services, too. Without these services, you might miss important legal notifications. In other words, they act as your official “mail receiver” for legal processing, and operate a street address within the state on your behalf to receive these notices quickly. 

For the first year, registered agent service is provided to any company using its services. This goes back to the cost-effective nature of Bizee. But, you will sacrifice some more comprehensive services provided by ZenBusiness and LegalZoom. 

Bizee also provides professional tax advisory services, handling the submission of business taxes on your behalf. However, this financial support doesn’t include funding or banking. This makes it less helpful for companies seeking a single source for managing your finances. Despite this, its more narrow focus might appeal to those seeking comparatively inexpensive services.

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