6 Summer Brands That Have New Yorkers Buzzing


As the weather begins to warm up in New York City, the energy seriously hits different and so do the fit checks. Amidst the bustling streets, NYC group chats are buzzing about where the girls are traveling this summer and what they’re bringing with them. A common thread here, no pun intended, is the eagerness to share the brands that are currently commanding attention from the it-girls. Whether we’re shopping for rooftop soirées or weekends Out East, these group chats serve as virtual seminars where coveted summer brands are shared and, of course, hyped up.

With each notification, a gateway opens to a world where your latest purchase equates to a sort of social currency that I need to discuss. There’s nothing that can start a conversation with the girl quicker than a new purchase. Below, I’m breaking down the 6 brands that are a great place to get this started.

1. DeMellier

summer brand to discover

The minimalist bag isn’t going anywhere…ever. This is a “trend” that will stick around in your closet for a lifetime, especially when you invest in quality. DeMellier is the brand to shop if you’re after this look with quiet luxury bags that do a lot of whispering.

2. Juillet Swimwear

summer brand to discover

If you’re anything like me, you want your swimsuit collection to be flirty, fun, and sometimes even childlike. That’s why I’ve fallen in love with the swimwear line Juillet that brings the “pretty things” trend straight into the ocean with you.

3. Lié Studio

summer brand to discover

Ever since I spotted Kendall Jenner wearing a pair of earrings that I immediately recognized from Lié, I haven’t stopped thinking about the brand. Sculptural and minimalist jewelery that packs a strong punch with their recognizable designs—this brand is certainly a conversation starter amongst cool New Yorkers.

4. Source Unknown

summer brand to discover

If you’re looking to stay on top of the trends but are bored of the Mangos and Zaras of the world, you’ve got to become acquainted with Source Unknown. The brand has a way of translating the coolest things I see on the runways into an accessible price point.

5. Significant Other

summer brand to discover

Pretty dresses that earn you compliments are a staple in every New Yorkers wardrobe. I can’t walk down the street without singing praises to the amount of incredible dresses I see. There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Significant Other so I suggest making an investment in one of their pretty dresses.

6. Mirae

summer brand to discover

A lot of New Yorkers are having a summer of the streets and if you’re planning on being out and about, Mirae is an absolute must name to know. Bright colors and statement elements make everything from this brand attention grabbing.

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