4 Airport Outfits Approved by a Fashion Editor



With fall in full swing and holiday-season travel creeping up behind it, it’s a great time to take your airport outfits to the next level. I mean, what’s worse than heading home for the holidays and running into an old friend in an airport outfit that’s just so-so? Mastering the perfect travel look is easier than you think. The number one thing on my list is being comfortable, especially if I’m traveling far. I used to swear by a sweatsuit and sneakers as my go-to travel look, and while I do still love a good matching set, I thought it was time to elevate my airport looks just slightly. As I said before, comfort is key, but adding a pair of jeans or cargo pants takes things up a notch. I have been eyeing four outfit formulas that are comfortable and still have a bit of style.

Keep scrolling to see the four airport outfits I’ll be wearing on my upcoming flights.


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