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Meet Ben & Linda Corson of Corson's Creams: American Cream Draft Horse Breeding, Training & Sales


Welcome to Corson’s Creams, the picturesque farm owned by Ben and Linda Corson in beautiful North Idaho. As proud members of the American Cream Draft Horse Association and The Livestock Conservancy since 1995, we’re delighted to share our story.

Our journey began nearly 50 years ago when we embraced a harmonious life with nature and sought to reduce our reliance on the cash economy. Relocating to North Idaho’s stunning countryside in our early twenties, we settled next to a grain farm that now serves as a wildlife refuge, creating cherished memories of 1974.

In 1983, after transitioning from a commercial hog operation, we discovered our passion for preserving rare and endangered domestic livestock breeds. Driven by a desire to make a difference, we envisioned the revival of smaller family farms and rural communities in the face of agricultural mechanization and commoditization.

Amidst scarce cheap fossil energy and soaring costs, we turned to draft horses, captivated by their beauty and the art of working them in harness. We believed draft horse farming could save the Earth while revitalizing traditional rural cultures.

Our dedication led us to focus on the American Cream Draft Horse, the rarest of all draft breeds in North America. Obtaining our first Creams in Oregon and Mississippi, we traveled across the United States, encountering horses and acquiring horse-drawn tools from Minnesota to Iowa, preserving their history.

Initially, our horses were housed in a small shed, but Ben designed a remarkable barn to cater to their needs. This structure featured stalls, an upper hay mow, and a spacious U-shaped alley. It included office, vet, harness, and farrier rooms, as well as living quarters for our staff and family.

Construction of the barn began in the late summer of 1998, involving diligent groundwork, the use of timber beams from our land, and assistance from a crane in Montana. By February 1999, the barn stood proudly with a metal roof, housing our beloved horses and their finely crafted harnesses.

Over the years, our farm expanded and evolved, realizing our dream of a self-sufficient farm and thriving draft horse operation. With the unwavering support of our loved ones and local experts, including our grandchildren, we reflect on the past 30 years and eagerly anticipate future transformations.

We appreciate your interest in our farm and invite you to join our vibrant and welcoming community. Together, we celebrate nature, horses, and sustainable farming practices at Corson’s Creams!


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