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Hunter Biden Faces Federal Gun Charges. Is it Fair or is Hunter Being Treated Differently?


Hunter Biden is now under indictment by special counsel David Weiss. He’s looking at three charges involving allegedly making false statements on a federal firearms form and possession of a firearm as a prohibited person. Hunter Biden’s lawyer says this indictment is the result of political pressure. Is Hunter Biden been treated unfairly or is his case being handled the way it would for anyone else accused of the same crimes? We will explore with Jim Avila & Michael Shure.

It’s Friday so we are heading to Florida! Former Fabulous Producer John Daly joins the MTS crew for a review of this week’s Friday Fabulous Florida stories!

Are you ready for a weekend trip to the movies? The Culture Blaster Michael Snyder brings us his analysis of the offerings at the box office.

The Mark Thompson Show

0:00 Show Preview
9:33 Political Affair & a Celeb Divorce
15:12 Help for people on strike?
20:16 BIG shoutout & Law & Disorder
33:54 Kim’s News
44:33 Friday Fabulous Florida
1:02:11 Jim Avila & Michael Shure
1:29:13 Kim’s News
1:37:17 Streaming w/Michael Snyder


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