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There has been a significant development in the historic Emmett Till Case. A newly discovered, the unserved arrest warrant is spurring calls for a new investigation into the case. Emmett Till, was the 14-year-old Black boy brutally murdered Money, Mississippi in 1955

A team that included members of the Till family was searching through records at a Mississippi courthouse when they found a warrant meant for a “Mrs. Roy Bryant.”That’s Carolyn Bryant (who now goes by Carolyn Donham) the white woman who claimed Till whistled at her in a grocery store.

According to the Associated Press, the current Leflore County circuit court verified the warrants legitimacy.

Till’s relatives want authorities to use the warrant to arrest Donham, who at the time of the slaying was married to one of two white men tried and acquitted by an all-white jury just weeks after Till was abducted, killed, and dumped into a river.

According to an article in the DailyBeast: Activists demanding justice for Emmett Till marched into a senior living facility in North Carolina this week searching for his accuser, Carolyn Bryant Donham,

Donham’s husband and half-brother were arrested in connection with Till’s lynching at the time but were acquitted at trial. They later publicly admitted to the crime, but were protected from prosecution through double-jeopardy rules.

“Time to face your demons. Come on out,” one demonstrator was heard saying.
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