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Complete Interview with Peter Obi on Arise TV (6 July 2022)


“The comments from My Elder brother Kwankwaso is why we are where we are today, we vote for Incompetence based on the Primitive Consideration of Tribe & Religion”

~ Peter Obi on Arise TV

I’m building a team of competent Nigerians. I want those who can look at me in d face & say; “Mr President, you are wrong.” I do not know everything. So if you agree with me in 3 meetings, you go. That means u don’t have your own ideas.

lecturing leadership on Arise TV

“They said I’m qualified to be the Vice President because of my knowledge of the economy. But Nigeria’s problem is the economy. Why would you bench the player who’s supposed to start the match?”

– Peter Obi on Arise TV


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