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We recently moved to Mississippi when the Covid situation was at the beginning stages. We are food truckers and we’re in need of a wrap for our business. Ramesh was the representative who helped us. I have been in the restaurant business for over (20) years; so it is safe to say that It know what quality work looks like. I gave built more than (6) trucks over time. Anyway, “ Remesh” charged me $5300.00 for the wrap. I asked him why so much? His response was,” You are paying for my expertise”. I explained to him that I’ve bought several wraps before in Arizona; and that Arizona has a much larger market and the price is way too much. I only do state fairs and I did not have time to squabble; for time was of the essence. I’m short, I paid it. I have enclosed a video of the work that was done; so I will let you be the judge of ,” Alpha Graphics” work ethic, professionalism & their so called expertise.
Donald & Lisa Dorsey
Cleveland Gourmet Corned Beef


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