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7 Outdated Winter Handbag Trends and 7 That Are In


Normally, when you think of winter fashionhandbags aren’t the first things that come to mind. Boots, outerwear, and dangerously soft accessories maybe. But purses? Not so much. Nonetheless, many of us will carry one or more every single day of the season, just as we all in the other three. And while some people might be okay with ignoring our handbags from now until spring, I’m not, and neither are my fellow editors.

In an effort to draw some attention toward handbags this winter, I called on said editors to find out which styles they’re planning to let hibernate throughout the colder months and which will become their new go-tos. And just as I suspected, they each had plenty to say. See? I’m not the only one ready to rally behind the handbag space during its off season. 

Keep scrolling for the inside scoop on all the winter handbag trends Who What Wear editors are passing on right now and which ones they’ll be carrying instead. 

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